Grandparents in grandchildren’s life

Grandparents and grandchildren

Good hearted people that they really love their children, they become amazing grandparents

All people go through the age of grandparents but not all become grandparents, and for those who become there is a beautiful and unique experience for them and their grandchildren.

Grandparents are people that they have more experience, they have learnt their lessons, they know what is really important in life and of course they have a lot of time to be with their grandchildren

Now let’s see how grandparents affect grandchildren

  1. they feel that they are loved
  2. they love more themselves and believe more in themselves since they have people around them to do so
  3. they don’t feel alone, they have more people in their life
  4. they know what a family is since they have examples of seeing their parents and grandparents together
  5. they learn a lot of things with grandparents, grandparents are great teachers
  6. they have somebody to express themselves, somebody to talk with them, to play with them, to cry with them, to laugh with them, they have somebody next to them
  7. they boost up their self esteem
  8. they understand more about the cycle of life and that nothing stays forever
  9. they have a lot of wonderful memories with their grandparents
  10. they feel better loving their grandparents, this love makes them full of energy

Always have in mind that

The love between grandparents and children, heals grandparents and create healthy in spirit, mind and body grandchildren

In few words when parents have good hearted parents is a must to have their children near to their grandparents, so children can spend more time with them, is something that will make everyone, better, healthier and stronger.

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