What other people think about me?

What other people will think about us? Every time that we care about what other people will say about us or will think about us, we limit ourselves to who we really want to be and how we want to
live, because we are afraid that these people will reject us.

Examples? A lot! It can start from our childhood,

  • Being with these friends because if they see us that we talk to somebody else, they will not be our friends anymore.
  • Buying expensive things or living a lifestyle just because other people are watching you and you have to prove them that you have the life of your dreams.
  • Being in a job that you are not happy but when you go outside and you say that you are in this company, people admire you or they are jealous of you.
  • Being in a relationship when you are not happy just because you think that if you break up, other people will start talking about you and the list of course can go on and on.

What all these have in common?

Being unhappy because we choose the approval of other people.

I want these friends to approve me, I
want these people to approve me because:

  • I am rich,
  • I am poor,
  • I have a business,
  • I am successful,
  • I am in a relationship,
  • I am from this family,
  • I am famous,
  • No one is like me and the list can go on.

Some people live in a fake way just to get the approval of others and some others are trying to persuade themselves that they are happy with the choices that they made.

Always have in mind that

When we live for the approval of other people, we create our own cage, our own limits and we can’t grow, we can’t express ourselves, because we are not free.

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