What other people think about me?

What other people will think about us? Every time that we care about what other people will say about us or will think about us, we limit ourselves to who we really want to be and how we want to
live, because we are afraid that these people will reject us.

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Problems in business

Problems in business

There are business owners that they see what problems there are in the business, but they try to hide them and blame other people for their problems.

Always have in mind that

Problems in business are the outcome, that we don’t want to have, from the choices that we made in the past. Hiding these problems will just give us time to make them bigger, until we can’t hide them anymore

Have you ever try to avoid and hide your problems? what happened in the end?

Grandparents in grandchildren’s life

Grandparents and grandchildren

Good hearted people that they really love their children, they become amazing grandparents

All people go through the age of grandparents but not all become grandparents, and for those who become there is a beautiful and unique experience for them and their grandchildren.

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