Nature is our home

Nature is our home

There are towns that are amazing, there is nature everywhere, because they choose to built in nature and not to destroy nature so they can build

But some others towns are not like that, they choose to destroy nature so more buildings and roads can be built.

Now let’s see what can we do if we live in a town like this:

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When you don’t change

When you don’t change

When you don’t want to change is like being a baby that doesn’t want to walk because it hurts falling down, doesn’t want to talk because people laugh at you, and depending on other people because you can’t move on in your life.

What you are afraid of to change in your life?

Hiring your people

Hiring your people

With “your people” we mean family members, relatives and friends, people that we know from the relationship that we have with them.

When some people open a business they think that they have to hire “their people” and other times “their people interfere in the business, without even working there.

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Business and family members

Business and family members

Some people decide to have a business with family members because it is easy and of course they are a family.

A family business can be successful when the needs of every family member are met, when they listen to each other, understand each other and support each other to to achieve their own personal goals

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Cleanliness in our life

Cleanliness in our life

When we want to have a clean body, a clean house, a clean environment to live in a clean country, it means that first of all we have self love and self acceptance, it means that we acknowledge the existence of everything and we want to see the best part of it , it is our choice to see in this way and is 100% for free.

This is why we see people that they have low self esteem, not self love, they are depressed that they tend to ignore cleanliness in their life, they don’t take care of their body and of course the environment that they are in.

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How we feel when we are with other people?

How we feel when we are with other people?

How we feel when we are with other people? If we have no expectations and beliefs about them, our feelings can tell us if they have good intentions towards us or not.

Feelings are part of our life, but we have to be careful, because sometimes we create our feelings, ex. if we are taught that: “A people are bad/good people”. we will create hate and fear/ trust and respect every time we see them, without even thinking if is it true or not! These feelings are created from us.

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We look in the mirror

we look in the mirror

We look in the mirror, and we don’t like what we see, is somebody that we don’t like to be, but what we don’t know is that: we don’t see with our eyes, we see with our mind, through our eyes, we see what we believe that we are, we see what we believe that other people told us that we are, we see everything except our real self, that is too scared to come out and take a step.

Is not your miserable destiny

Is not your miserable destiny

People that really love you, will accept what you want in your life. People that are not happy with their choices in their life, will criticize you and tell you how to live, and they will advise you to live in the same way with them. why? Because misery needs company.

Staying with people that criticize you for not living your life in the way they live, is your choice, is not your miserable destiny.

When employees are supported from the business

When employees are supported from the business

When employees are supported from the business they do the best to help the business become more successful

The feeling that people have in a business from knowing that

  • employers recognise their work and give more opportunities
  • employers support them and do not criticise or put them down
  • they are paid on time

This feeling that employees have in a business that they can work and be safe, that they have not people to put them down, to criticize them or to play games in order to use them more and pay them less , this feeling is what can make a strong team and a business to become successful, and this is the same feeling that can make successful countries since work is a big part of our life.